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Jyoti Sagar | Founder, J Sagar Associates

Sometimes an experience is so powerful that even the most articulate amongst us, are, at a loss for words. Seasoned lawyers, who are skeptical, if not cynical, at most times, were so visibly touched. It was truly 'a consciousness shocker'.

Jayachandran Venkiteswaran | COO - HIL

Leadership at 26000 feet was an outstanding and spellbinding session. Raghu was able to transform the entire group into a different situation and get everybody fully immersed into it. The takeaways from the session were absolutely phenomenal and the group has pledged to make a difference using the inputs. Thank you, Captain Raghu, for making this happen!

Leena Nair | ED Unilever

The leadership talk on the Siachen Glacier was one of the most inspiring presentations I have heard in recent times. Raman has a very clear persuasive presentation style and the content that has been put together makes me proud to be an Indian.

Balakrishna Kumbanath | MD SG Pvt Banking

Your talk on leadership was truly outstanding. The speech and contents were truly invigorating and at times indeed it touched our emotional cords deeply. The subject and the backdrop was painful, shocking and sensitive. Your ability to relate the daily happenings of these brave men to the day to day corporate activities and decision making process was brilliant. The team was captivated by the subject, your delivery, your conviction and the manner in which it was presented. There were enough to take home in terms of a tool kit for our brains. It was evident from the Q&A sessions, most participants were eager to hear more of you.

Max Bupa | Business Owner

The session from Raghu Raman was a real lesson in the principles & practices of an authentic leader. Raghu leverages his experience in the Indian army, to underscore & highlight aspects of personal leadership, which can be applied to the corporate world. The feedback from the participants & their energy after the session was great, which is a testimonial to the experience that they all had. Truly an outstanding speaker & inspirational leadership instructor whose life inspires & motivates!

Rajeev Batra | ED, KPMG

The session on 'Leadership at 26,000 ft' is one of the best leadership and motivations sessions I have ever attended. The simplicity with which the message was communicated was amazing. The real life stories used to communicate the attributes of leadership were very helpful to connect with the audience. More importantly, this session has helped me think differently about leadership and motivation and I consciously make efforts to imbibe the attributes shared in my work.