Leadership in the Ruptured* World

INTRODUCTION: In these post-pandemic times, there is an inclination for us to seek certainty and clarity when the only truth is uncertainty, ambiguity and volatility. But the 'ask' from every leader today, is to understand the risks and threats that loom over the horizon, and yet remain optimistic and proactive. Leading in the 'RUPTured* world' enables participants develop perspectives that maintain and uplift the morale of teams and prepare them holistically for the challenges of the future, and discovering answers to critical questions. How to lead in uncertain times? How to keep teams engaged and motivated despite reduced interaction? How can leaders be prepared for different eventualities in a RUPTured World?

THE NARRATIVE AND THE OBJECTIVE: Those who try to navigate the new world with old maps will flounder. In a world and economies ravaged by the pandemic, there is an information overload that pulls us in different directions, ranging from complacency to overreaction, from calm to paranoia, and from optimistic hopefulness to deep dejection. Stress and depression continue to take a toll as organisations slowly return to the reality of the new normal. This brilliant session, designed for the zeitgeist is targeted to revitalize the leadership quotient of the participants and raise practical optimism in times when workforces and leaders across organisations are facing unprecedented challenges, triggering a paradigm shift. This shift, like all paradigm changes, brings a set of great challenges and greater opportunities. A changing world necessitates agility, creativity and innovation. Which in turn, requires a unique set of leadership competencies where leaders can 'lead without authority'. If organisations hope to achieve agility and creativity, traditional authoritarian leadership styles based on hierarchy and experience, will have to be altered into a 'gardener' leadership style that creates a strong and nurturing environment of psychological safety. This is transformation is an existential need!

THE OUTCOME FOR PARTICIPANTS:: Organisations that have undergone this powerful session have reported that they are able to bounce back with resilience, transforming their business and leadership models dynamically, by identifying, recognising and acting on these changes and their implications. This breakthrough session equips leaders with the mindset change and the tools necessary to navigate the paradigm shift into the RUPTured World and lead with purpose, conviction and compassion.

RUPT* is an acronym coined by CDC,standsfor Rapid, Uncertain, Paradoxical and Tangled