Leadership at 26000 Feet

INTRODUCTION: This inspiring flagship session, teaches leadership through a perspective wholly different from learnings accessed through corporate boardrooms and academia.

The 'Leadership at 26000 Feet' session is based on combat leadership skills demonstrated by officers of the Armed Forces as they lead troops into some of the most difficult and dangerous operations, under daunting circumstances. During this popular, in-demand session, participants are taken on a journey through the eyes of a combat leader. The experience is interactive and motivating, enabling participants experience answers to key questions on leadership, including an age-old one, as to why leadership is a trait that can be learnt and not something that one needs to be born with! This defining session imparts some life-altering tools, including a winning attitude, that can be integrated and implemented by the session's participants across their own ecosystems immediately.

THE NARRATIVE AND THE OBJECTIVE: This session is delivered in an immersive storytelling format where participants are transported to another world experienced through the eyes of the combat soldiers. When they see their own world through this new perspective, there is an immense realisation of the triviality of their challenges and recognition of abundance of their resources and strengths. This mindset translates into a 'can-do' attitude propelling productivity, growth and audacious aspirations.

THE OUTCOME FOR PARTICIPANTS: This is a mindset-shift session designed to compel participants into an introspective and powerful self-change journey. The participants are led to realise how trivial their obstacles are when compared to life and death traumas faced by combat leaders, many of whom are much younger, less experienced and far less resourced than the leaders in the corporate world. In the words of the participants themselves, this is a life-changing, cathartic experience which leaves participants exhilarated and supremely motivated to take on audacious, yet practical goals.