Driving Purpose by Storytelling

INTRODUCTION: Storytelling is one of the most important competencies of leaders. The ability to communicate captivatingly and memorably is a powerful influential tool in the arsenal of an inspirational and motivating leader. Storytelling is not simply delivering good presentations or talks in forums. Instead, it is the ability to craft a compelling narrative that resonates with listeners and compels them into self-driven action. There are complex architectures and frameworks which form the foundation of all powerful stories and this popular session reiterates these fundamentals, applying them in practical ways to a leadership 'story' repertoire that can be used and updated on a daily basis with minimum effort and maximum impact. And this session is taught by a master storyteller whose talks and sessions have been viewed more than 40 million times and used as cases studies in Business Schools and Corporates.

THE NARRATIVE AND THE OBJECTIVE: Storytelling as an organisational competency is essential for several important reasons. Firstly, as organisations scale, stories are the glue to bind and create a homogeneous culture. Core values, legacy, DNA and several other elements that go into building a great culture can only be infused through organisational stories - not just overarching vision statements or even co-created corporate vision boards. Statistical numbers cannot inspire, only stories can do that. In a recovering world, still ravaged by the aftermath of the pandemic, this session enables the transformation from a positional or authority-based leadership style into a 'persuasion-led' or coaching style of leadership, especially engaging the young generation who are not only the future workforce but also future customers and decision-makers of the world.

THE OUTCOME FOR PARTICIPANTS: The 'Art of Storytelling' session positions persuasion-based storytelling as a force multiplier, a transformational style of applied leadership which percolates into every member of the organisation. This popular day-long workshop imparts the guidelines of effective story crafting as an element of the leadership toolkit. It imparts a strong flexible architecture with several case studies and finally gets every participant to create their own 'anchor story' based on the principles and skills learnt during the workshop. Several attendees of this workshop have gone on to exponentially enhance their own and their organization's brand image and efficacy as leaders who can lead with influence and without authority!